The Medina Foundation for Music is a registered, independent and non-profit organization established with the aims of encouraging and facilitating professional musical development and cultural awareness, providing training which leads to certification in music theory and performance which is recognized and accredited at both national and international levels and providing upcoming musicians with an opportunity to collaborate with established artists in performances of the highest standards.

The Foundation’s Music Education Programme, through the Medina College of Music, provides a high-quality music education to developing musicians in a supportive and nurturing environment where they can improve their technical and theoretical knowledge of music. In particular, it aims to provide possibilities for them to interact and share their love of music with their peers and to experience the world of professional music-making through its Performance Programme.

The Foundation’s Performance Programme is attained through the St Paul Chamber Ensemble. Through collaboration with Local Councils, parishes and other entities the programme aims to promote cultural awareness through music by bringing performances of high caliber to the general public and making it more accessible to all. Through this programme the Foundation also supports and promotes local composers through the performance of their works and encourages and facilitates upcoming musicians’ professional musical development by giving them the possibility to work side by side with experienced and established performers.

The Foundation’s Social Programme is aimed at supporting charitable institutions and entities though fundraising performances as well as taking the music to those who would otherwise not be able to enjoy the pleasure of a live performance.

By bringing these programmes together the Medina Foundation for Music works towards promoting Malta’s vision as a hub of cultural and educational activity for all regions of the world and in particular for the Euro-Mediterranean region. Through on-going consultation and collaboration with music teachers and professionals, the Foundation seeks to address the critical needs and preferences of professional and amateur musicians and aid music performances, teaching and learning, ensuring the implementation of the principles of inclusive education by providing an equitable access to all persons in full respect of any diversity. The Foundation embraces the philosophy whereby both academic and vocational education form an integral part of the music educational process for the holistic development of a person, and that they should enjoy parity of esteem.

Above all it believes in cultivating a culture of creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, excellence and flexibility sustained by the values of commitment, dedication and integrity.